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Exploring Other Topical Treatment Options for Molluscum

While commonly used options exist, exploring other topical treatment for molluscum shows potential benefits.

Limited data suggest potential benefit of other agents, such as berdazimer sodium and silver nitrate  paste, for molluscum contagiosum.

A phase 2, vehicle-controlled, randomized trial in which 256 patients with molluscum contagiosum were randomly assigned to different regimens of berdazimer sodium co-administered with hydrogel, an investigational nitric oxide releaser, or vehicle suggests benefit of this agent for molluscum contagiosum.This study highlights the effectiveness of berdazimer sodium, a newer topical treatment for molluscum, in managing symptoms

A paste containing 40% silver nitrate  was reported to be effective in a series of 389 patients. Topical phenol  and  trichloroacetic acid also have been used for molluscum contagiosum, but high risks for pain and scarring make these agents unfavorable options, especially for young children.

In conclusion, while more research is needed, these findings support the potential of alternative topical treatment for molluscum in providing relief.


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