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Skin Bump Gone hydrogel patch



The story behind our effective at-home, dermatologist recommended remedy.

Dr. Ryan 2

Our Mission: To eradicate skin bumps one Skin Bump Gone hydrogel patch at a time Skin Bump Gone was invented to provide a safe, effective solution for parents whose children suffer from contagious skin bumps.
The creation of Skin Bump Gone all started when Dr. Ryan’s own young daughters contracted skin bumps from elementary school.  Sure enough, sharing towels spread the bumps from one daughter to the next within weeks.  They then quickly passed it on to other playmates at school.  Pretty soon, the entire class had contagious skin bumps and, as a dermatologist, it made Dr. Ryan look pretty bad.  

Attempts to treat the skin bumps on his own kids were futile.  At first, he prescribed them a few topical creams. After diligently applying them twice a day for months, they did not eliminate the bumps and just caused redness, irritation and itching at the areas. Not good! Next, he reluctantly used liquid nitrogen on the areas. This was a disaster! The kids were screaming because of the pain the treatment caused. He ended up only treating a few growths, which caused discoloration and scarring on the areas. Meanwhile, not only did the treatments not work, but they also did nothing to stop the spread of the infection. Dr. Ryan failed again!


He knew that he had to come up with a painless, all-natural solution that not only treated the skin bumps, but that also stopped the spread of them. After researching ideas and making prototypes, he tested the products out on his own children and patients that were desperate for solutions for their skin bumps.
The final product ended up working amazing, with results that were superior to all the other treatments he tried. Dr. Ryan truly wishes that every child has the opportunity to treat their skin bumps without the pain, harsh chemicals, or side effects common with other treatments.

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