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How do you get Molluscum Bumps? Understanding the Transmission

The virus is spread by skin-to-skin contact or by contact with a surface that has the virus on it. The molluscum virus is transmitted from the skin of one person who has these growths to the skin of another person. Molluscum occur most often in cases where skin-to-skin contact is frequent.  They occur in young children, especially siblings. 

This means that you can spread the virus.

  • From one area of the body to another by scratching or touching a bump

  • From person to person by touching molluscum on another person during contact sports or other activities

  • By touching an object with the virus on it, such as a towel or washcloth used by a person with molluscum

As mentioned, it is also possible to acquire the molluscum virus from non-living objects.  

Molluscum may also be spread between children in swimming pools.  

The reason that some children get molluscum while others do not is because of differences in the immune system between people. It is common in young children who have not yet developed immunity to the virus.  In that regard, children tend to get more molluscum than adults. Molluscum also seems to be more common in tropical climates as warmth and humidity tend to favor the growth of the virus. 

In summary, understanding how do you get molluscum bumps sheds light on transmission routes.


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